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At Goodridge we understand the necessity of top quality brake lines. So do our hand-picked aftermarket distributors. You need products you can trust. Our unmatched reputation backed by motorsport champions worldwide makes choosing the right solution easy. Goodridge’s braided stainless steel brake lines have been designed to offer the very best in braking performance. Unlike factory fitted lines, Goodridge brake lines won’t expand under pressure, giving you more precise braking right when you need it. Every Goodridge brake line is individually 100% pressure tested and guaranteed to be leak free. Goodridge brake lines are corrosion resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee. Reduce your stopping distance, eliminate sponginess under pressure and improve your ride with a lifetime guarantee from Goodridge.

Thank you Goodridge for making a dependable, lightweight hose and high flowing fittings. For us in drag racing, this is a must. Without your support and quality products we could not have a record setting, championship-winning car!
Dewayne Mills – Mills Racing
I would Like to thank Goodridge for making line failures a thing of the past for our team, it also makes continual line maintenance, repair and replacement a thing of the past
Jimmy Owens
As a company that does extensive plumbing and rigging on powerboats, I have been very pleased with the Goodridge products. Goodridge was the only company that had a product line that met all of our needs. I like the personal level of service that we receive, as well.
Tom Snyder – Aeromarine Services
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