Anti-Slavery Mission Statement

Goodridge is committed to running our business responsibly. Goodridge strives to maintain high ethical principles and to respect human rights. This also means doing our best to encourage high standards in our supply chain and business.

Goodridge is a world leading supplier of fluid transfer systems. The Goodridge Group employs 350 people across 8 countries. The Head office is based in Devon in the United Kingdom and services customers across the world. These customers range from OEM Automotive, cars and motorcycles to performance and motorsport organisations and individuals for automotive, motorcycle and industrial components.

Goodridge takes a sustainable approach to purchasing and supports local industries. Like any supply chain our supply chain is complex with it’s own suppliers. Goodridge prioritises companies that meet our exacting standards and comply with our TS16949, ISO9001 and 14001. Our means of communicating with our supplier base is via our Supplier Quality Manual.
Goodridge has a long-standing policy not to use or accept forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour or child labour. Nor does Goodridge demand deposits or hold onto our workers’ identity papers, or work with businesses that do. Goodridge only works with people who choose to work freely. Goodridge respects the right to equal opportunity, freedom of association and collective bargaining

Our Company Handbook sets out how we expect Goodridge employees to behave. It applies to everyone. It is also the standard Goodridge expects from everyone who works on our behalf – including suppliers and contractors.
Our Supplier Quality Manual establishes the principle that working conditions in our supply chain should meet international labour standards, including freely chosen employment, freedom of association, working conditions, child labour, living wages, working hours, discrimination, regular employment and harsh or inhumane treatment. Goodridge is strengthening sections of this manual to include more explicit references to forced or bonded labour and human trafficking.

Goodridge regularly communicates changes to these policies, across the company or to specific groups, like our buyers and sales teams.

Goodridge welcomes our people speaking up about any unethical behaviour, and makes it easy for them to do so via their manager, H.R. Department or to report in line with our company’s Whistleblowing Policy.

The steps Goodridge takes with regard to our supply chain depends on how we initially evaluate a supplier. Goodridge asks all but our lowest risk suppliers to complete a questionnaire – which helps establish whether they are at high, medium or low risk of falling below our standards.

Risk profiling helps us focus our efforts where they are most needed. For example, suppliers may present a higher risk of slavery or human trafficking because of where they’re based or the type of product or service they provide. All medium risk suppliers get a review. High risk suppliers get a more detailed review to better understand the risk and put in steps to tackle it; this may mean visiting their sites. Each year we complete a number of audits of our high risk suppliers. Goodridge works together with them to address any issues or concerns that might arise.

As part of our continuous improvement programme Goodridge will develop a more comprehensive approach to addressing the risks of slavery and human trafficking. Longer term, Goodridge will look at developing better ways of measuring the effectiveness of the steps we take to manage these risks.

This statement covers 1st of April 2017 to 31st of March 2018

  • Certified IS0 14001
  • Certified IS0/TS 16949