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Goodridge is a leading Tier 1 supplier in the Americas, Europe and Japan, solving complex, high performance challenges that arise in the development of next generation platforms and technologies. Goodridge is a specialist in high performance braking systems, engine fluid systems for fuel, air and oil, high level fluid and thermal compatibility and thermal management for both internal combustion and electric vehicles. Drawing on our experience in motorsport, Goodridge is renowned for rapid product development, problem solving, material and design innovation in order to meet our OEM customer’s needs, and to meet challenging production schedules.

Thank you Goodridge for making a dependable, lightweight hose and high flowing fittings. For us in drag racing, this is a must. Without your support and quality products we could not have a record setting, championship-winning car!
Dewayne Mills – Mills Racing
I would Like to thank Goodridge for making line failures a thing of the past for our team, it also makes continual line maintenance, repair and replacement a thing of the past
Jimmy Owens
As a company that does extensive plumbing and rigging on powerboats, I have been very pleased with the Goodridge products. Goodridge was the only company that had a product line that met all of our needs. I like the personal level of service that we receive, as well.
Tom Snyder – Aeromarine Services
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