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G-Max 825


G-Max is the choice for you when the ultimate performance is demanded from a limited budget.

An award winning product that supplies turbulance free fluids in various applications. Re-usable self assembly or crimpable by Goodridge or one of it’s distributors.

  • 40% lighter than rubber core hose
  • Up to 20% more flow potential than rubber core hose
  • 10% larger bore that rubber core hose
  • Compatible with all fuels (inc methanol, alcohol, E-85)
  • Can be used with 811 & 711 fittings
  • No vapour loss compared to rubber core hose

For more information or to review exactly which line and fittings are for you, please review our product catalogue in full.

  • Certified IS0 14001
  • Certified IS0/TS 16949