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Goodridge Streamlines its Brand Identity

After over 40 years in the industry, Goodridge, a world leader in fluid transfer systems, has recently undergone a brand review and as a result will be launching two sub-brands; Goodridge Performance and Goodridge Motorsport.

To date, Goodridge has focused on three main areas of business, OEM, Motorsport and Aftermarket. However, following a careful review it has become apparent that the industry has moved on and in order to maintain its success the Goodridge brand has to keep up.

Goodridge Performance and Goodridge Motorsport highlight two key sectors that Goodridge operates in and needs to refocus to a more simplified approach, which will play a crucial part in Goodridge’s ongoing strategy for growth and potential acquisitions. As these sub-brands will be a true separate division, Performance & Motorsport will under its own P&L and have separate leadership for each of the global regions.

Goodridge Motorsport does what it says on the tin, and the motorsport teams Goodridge service, whether its WRC to F1, or DTM to NASCAR, Moto GP or BSB, are regarded as the customers of growth here. Goodridge Performance will incorporate all the previous aftermarket product elements upgrades, distribution and kit and bulk sales of Goodridge product. OEM customers will know the company as Goodridge, since it’s their world class ability to deliver the right product, on time, every time, which underlines its presence in the market.

Jon Hourihan, Chief Executive of Goodridge EMEA&A commented:

“It’s no surprise that the motoring industry moves quickly and this change to our strategy will keep us right on track. Over the last 10 years our engine of growth has come from the OEM’s, and whilst that continues to enable our firm to punch above its weight, letting slip in the markets that Goodridge created, has long needed redressing. I suppose that the followers in the industry offer us flattery, with their mimicry of our product, but it is really about being fast, not furious.”

“It’s not just a simple name change either, with designated leadership, separated KPIs including P&L, Quality, Delivery and Operational Cash Flow; this will give us the focus to ensure we’re providing our customers, on both sides of the race track, not only with top quality products but also an increased level of customer service. We have Motorsport within the company’s DNA and we’d be doing a dis-service to the name of the company founder if we forgot that. Performance through lightweight and innovation, not imitation, are the things that have made this company, and brand, global. This is something that will continue, with renewed zeal and endeavour .You can trust us on that.”