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600 Series Smooth Bore (-02 to -04 for brake & clutch)


Excellent for all 4 and 2 wheel braking applications whether for the circuit or road.

High speed, constant rapid gear changes and heavy braking put great strains on competition hydraulic systems, where failure can be disastrous. 600 series hose strongly resists expansion under high pressure and temperature, provides consistent brake and clutch pedal pressure giving firmer and more efficient operation without that spongy feeling. Offering protection against abrasion and fire, these hoses are also recommended for all pressure gauge lines and fire extinguisher systems.

  • Compatible with all DOT brake fluids
  • High pressure, lightweight, 100% PTFE core
  • Dramatically improves pedal/lever response
  • Corrosion & fire resistant stainless steel braid
  • Available with abrasion resistant cover in a range of colours
  • Can be used with Goodridge original reusable design fittings or crimp fittings

For more information or to review exactly which line and fittings are for you, please review our product catalogue in full.

  • Certified IS0 14001
  • Certified IS0 9001
  • Certified IS0/TS 16949